Monday, October 20, 2008


This coming Sunday, LH and I are taking part in a pulpit exchange of our churches.
Kinda cool to think that Presbyterians and Lutherans are exchanging pulpits when Zwingli and Luther never could agree on the presence of Christ in Holy Communion.
It only took 279 years!!!!! Never, never give up hope!!!!
It is a bit challenging putting together a service for husband. I am anxiously awaiting his scripture choices so that I can plan one hymn and a couple prayers.
I am doing my "Zwingli" schtick with a couple modifications and updates for a Lutheran congregation. I am most nervous about the communion service since it has been awhile since I've lead the Lutheran liturgy. I'm desperately praying that I won't goof something up (ie: skip to the wrong preface, leave out part of a prayer, etc.) I figure if I do stumble in the early service, I can redeem myself in the late service. God gives me two chances to do it "right"! (Actually, God gives me chances over and over and over again to get it right, which is not necessarily about "doing it right"!) God is very forgiving - Lutherans, well, we'll see!!!

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