Thursday, October 09, 2008


I will be going on retreat tomorrow until Sunday afternoon and I am looking forward to the time away and apart. My Spirit needs this more than I can say. The leader is RC and I will probably be the only protestant clergy there, but that aside, it should be interesting and meaningful.
I plan to bring my journal and a couple books for hopefully some quiet evening time.
My hope is that there is some free time for reflection. We always leave a couple hours for that whenever we lead a retreat (our Synod's Spiritual Formation Team).
It will be much warmer than I had planned and am debating what I will wear, from long pants and sweater now to capri's and t-shirts. I had not anticipated that it would be this warm.
LH and the Boys will get along fine without me.
I need time with God away from here, to listen and to savor.
I will be off-line as well. I will resist the urge to bring my laptop and tap into the internet. A retreat means to me to shut down from the world and to come into God's presence itentionally and letting the rest of the world and its turmoil be held in God's hands, while my spirit focuses as completely on God as it can.
I will check back with you all next week. God's peace be with you, sustain you and keep you.

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