Monday, October 13, 2008


I spent the weekend and my study leave attending the Radical Amazement retreat led by Judy Cannato in Michigan.
The journey began as a pilgrimage to the retreat center not far over the border from OH. I had a great drive up. Then I reacquainted myself with the center and stopped in the bookstore. Found a few items and then went to a couple places in town and had dinner.
Our first session that evening revealed perhaps 2-3 protestants out of 25, all women, and some really radical nuns!!! It makes me wonder if the priests at the churches they attend have any idea how radical they are!!!!!!!!
The retreat itself focused on Cosmology and I am still chewing on some of what was presented. The biggest sticking point for me was that Jesus was presented as human being filled with God's energy and highly evolved in the unitive state. Although I can appreciate this new terminology, there seemed to be no reference to Jesus as the Son of God. There is where I had the problem.
That does not mean I had no experience of the Holy and spent time with God. I enjoyed the times for reflection and prayer.
The book, Radical Amazement, by Judy Cannato will give you much to think about and consider.
The drive home was uneventful (thanks be to God) although there were lots of Sunday traffic.
It was a good time away and I sought a time apart, to be with the Holy One of Love, and to be stretched. That it was...

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