Friday, October 24, 2008


Tell us about 5 favorite places you have lived in your lifetime.
1. Suburb of Chicago
2. Switzerland
3. Mansfield, OH
4. Cleveland, OH
5. Between Akron & Cleveland, OH

What did you like?
1. Suburb of Chicago - great place to grow up, access to the musuems, nightlife,
and Lakefront. What's not to like about Chicago? Great restaurants, shopping and
the most wonderful bookstore at the time - Kroch's & Brentano's (like Border's).
Could be in Chicago in 1/2 an hour. Traffic wasn't so bad in those days!!!
2. Switzerland - visited several times for weeks at a time, lived there a whole
summer. It's beautiful, clean, and simple. Lived with my Grandma
and travelled all over Switzerland, could speak like
a native.Enjoyed the company of all my relatives.
3.Mansfield - had my own apartment as I began my ministry. Smack dab between
Columbus and Cleveland
4. Cleveland - being close to the airport and city musuems, ball park, etc. The
West Side Market is great with fresh meat & veges of all kinds,
cheeses, bakery and imported goods.
5. Between Akron & Cleveland - the meadow behind our house, the spaciousness of
that, my herb garden and perenial flower beds,
quiet neighborhood

What kind of place was it?
1. A suburb, neat, clean with some green space
2. Countryside; hilly, could see the mountains on a clear day from my
Mom's hometown, green and fresh
3. Small town: hilly, lived in an apartment with a balcony overlooking a
a cornfield across the street.
4. Suburb: OK, close to stuff, working class neighborhood, a brick split-level
5. Small town: neat, clean, subdivision, middle class, a vinyl sided colonial

Anything special happen there?
1. Grew up, graduated from HS & Seminary, had my first kiss
2. Just being with relatives and meeting two guys I fell in love with
3. Got engaged and married in this town
4. Moved in with LH two weeks before our first anniversary,lost both my
parents during our stay here, got our Beagle, our first greyhound and second
5. We bought our first home! LH turned 50, our Beagle passed away, now
have two greys

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