Tuesday, June 24, 2008

temps upper 60's, again rainy

Day 2 of VBS - more kids tonight, woohoo!!
5th/6th grade class finally has a 5th grader!And another 6th grader.
1st/2nd graders are the largest class typically and this one is no
Dinner - sloppy joes, baked beans, carrots and dip (I had carrots for lunch!
by now I shouldn't need my glasses anymore!!!) and pineapple chunks.
Games were indoor again and used the beach balls they colored in crafts. Also,
the 5th/6th graders tried The Knot - and both times had a triad that just
couldn't unknot! Sometimes, you just when you think you have it, you don't.
Cooperation was key - to work together to solve freeing everyone, to give, to
bend, to step over carefully/gently.
Music - still was a bit weak and disorganized
Superhero - was a volunteer from a ecumenical community service center: food
pantry, legal services, clinic, etc. Since we collected cans of
food and the focus of VBS is service, 4 5th/6th graders carried the
bags of canned goods out to the car for the volunteer. Nothing like
living out what one is learning!!
The kids are super and having fun. This is a blessing!

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