Wednesday, June 04, 2008

200th POST!
I know for most of you it doesn't sound like much, but finally, I've hit my 200th post.
To celebrate even further, I finished writing all the openings and closings for VBS the end of July! Since the Methodist pastor is on vacation/conference this month and I will be on vacation mid-July to start of VBS, I had to take advantage of a slower week and get it done. Yipeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now, I still have a few things to get together for our VBS Beach Party - like our sand/water, the cute Beach arrow sign I found at local craft store, and to duct tape blue plastic tablecloth on the outside of a rectangluar plastic container to make the water look more invitingly blue and to tape a clam shell together with a "pearl" bead inside.
Sunday evening is the Jr Hi & Confirmation class pizza and a movie night to celebrate our year together. I'll be showing Brother Sun, Sister Moon on the life of St. Francis of Assissi. There is so much about discipleship in that movie that it is pretty much a standard thing to see it in my confirmation classes.
Just so glad to be done with the VBS writing!!!!!!!

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