Monday, June 23, 2008

Let VBS Begin...
temps upper 60's, humid, raining/drizzling
VBS at LH's church began yesterday evening, after an afternoon of light storms and rain.
Good things: Great helpers, super kids, easy craft,
I escort the 5th/6th graders - three 6th grade boys last night
not one fifth grader. The standing joke for the evening was at
every station, the guys said "Don't start 'til the 5th graders
get here!" (Ha Ha) Had to explain that the 5th graders were phantom!

Wish they were better things: the music leader (who probably being nervous)seemed
unprepared, dinner (turkey/cheese sandwich - actually
it was ok, it's just that that's what I had for
lunch!), indoor games.

Tonight: the forecast is for rain early evening, looks like indoor games again.
Wonder if dinner will be better tonight? Hope I can keep up with the
6th grade trio!!!
It really is all about the kids, that they have some fun, and know they are held in a love deeper, greater, wider, higher than other they can ever fully know. Seems like we, adults, need to know that and be reminded of that too!

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