Tuesday, June 24, 2008


GA is holding out on the rest of the church, namely those of us who are home and unable to attend GA. We want our Calvin bobbleheads too!!!
Perhaps, we can all flood GA with requests for Calvin bobbleheads (willing to pay for them of course!)!!!!!
So, here's our challenge, PUCB - Presbyterians United for Calvin Bobbleheads -
let's make the powers-that-be in our denomination know, that these Calvin Bobbleheads should be made available to all Presbyterians!!! (Later we can advocate for Zwingli, and Knox and have a complete set!! - Oh, Luther has been available for a few years from OldLutheran.com.)
So, let's go, PUCB & Presby bloggers - let's free up Calvin Bobbleheads for the masses!

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Quotidian Grace said...

Sign me up for PUCB!