Monday, June 16, 2008


1. Ocean rocks, lake limps? Vice Versa? Or it's all beautiful in its own way?
Both rock! Each has it's own unique beauty and I find water healing for my

2. Year around beach living: Heaven or the Other Place?
I could live at a beach year round. Although, probably more at a lake than
on the ocean with N'oreaters and hurricanes.

3. Any beach plans for the summer?
Yup, good ole Cedar Beach, WI right on Lake Michigan. Hmmm...wish I was there
right now! Well, and Cape Breton, NS where there must be some rocky, craigy
beaches - we'll find out!!!!!!

4. Best beach memory ever?
Port Renfrew, Vancouver Island, early morning, very foggy and quiet. I am
taking a stroll on the beach in the fog in the company of a grey whale
mother and calf. It was as though she followed me in the water along the
beach. I couldn't see them with all the fog, but I heard them snorting through
their blowholes. It was a beautiful morning with the grey whales.

5. Fantasy beach trip?
Secluded beach on a private island for a couple days of doing absolutely
nothing, but going into the water, strolling the beach and lounging with a
cool drink in hand and no one to gasp at the whale in swimsuit!!!!

BONUS: Share a piece of music/poetry/film/book that expresses something about what
the beach means to you.

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