Tuesday, June 10, 2008


So, yesterday evening while talking over the fence with our neighbor, big, poufy, high tower clouds came rolling in and then the grey shelf cloud with lightning behind it. Oooo...and the wind picked up. We ended the conversation, so she could gather her children to safety inside. I walked back to our patio to savour the incoming storm. The temperature chilled down by at least 15 degrees from 90 to 75 and the wind blew the cool air. I spun and opened my arms to enjoy the delicious coolness. Unfortunately, the storm went north of us and we got just a sputter and spit. Not even rain to make the ground wet! A couple brief rumbles of thunder and that was it. But the cooler temps were ever so welcomed.
I love a good thunderstorm. I like when the wind picks up and gets a bit wild and untamed. It speaks to my spirit. How telling that is of God's Spirit that also is somewhat wild and untamed. Who blows at will and whose energy cannot be contained or controlled.
I love the smell of ozone from the lightning heralding the oncoming storm. It has a fresh smell to it and of the scent of rain falling before it arrives and the scent of it as it comes down - kinda earthy and musty. I love to watch lightning and find it ever so mesmerizing. I love to watch the storm clouds over head, to see them churn, and roll and move in various shades of grey. It is so fascinating. One summer storm sky looked "biblical" - like something from Cecil B. DeMil movie - The 10 Commandments!!! I love to hear the rumbles and rolls of thunder.
Forunately, it did rain during the wee hours of the morning and actually did some good for the gardens, fields, grass and trees.
Perhaps, next time a storm comes in, we will have a real thunderstorm with actual rain! We haven't had a thunderstorm all spring which is quite unusual. Seems like the Midwest has gotten them all and they either went up northeast to Canada or fizzled out by the time they got here.
Thankfully, the heat wave has broken and the farmers are glad for the wee bit of rain that fell.

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