Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Feeling tired today and it's a long one, 12 hours!
I have a visit with a terminally ill parishoner and then another visit with a parishoner of neighboring church (whose pastor is on vacation and who I wasn't covering for until next week) who lost her daughter unexpectedly. I also just finished my article for the July/August newsletter which is always like giving birth;
exciting but exhausting. Then I have a worship service for the local assisted living place in town (once a month). The one bright spot is my dinner date with LH who is driving down into the country to meet me for dinner at the Dairette Whose Reputation is Known Far and Wide. Not the healthiest dinner, but I only eat there once or twice a summer. I am looking forward to chocolate soft serve for dessert. And LH and I will get to sit at a picnic table and watch all the traffic go by on the historic HWY and just enjoy dinner together and being outside.
Just have to find some energy for a very heavy day. And I pray God's Spirit will supply me with what I could ever possibly say that will bring some measure of comfort, support, peace and hope.

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