Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So, like a couple weeks ago, LH comes to me and says would I like to help with his VBS since they are short-handed this summer. One couple moved to another state and one couple will have a new born baby. What can I say?
Since my VBS is not 'til the last week in July and isn't running concurrently with his, I will be the dutiful pastor's wife and help for the week escorting youngsters from activity to activity. We won't get home til 8:30 -9 pm and that makes for 12 hour days for me. Lucky me! I get 2 weeks of VBS this year! Yehaw! Maybe I should ask LH if there's a pedicure with my name it after his VBS?!!!?
I have a t-shirt transfer that I have to iron on my shirt before Sunday. So far, that will make 4 VBS t-shirts with one more to make for my VBS, for a total of 5 VBS t-shirts in the closet adn two new t-shirts I had to buy this year. I should make a quilt with all the VBS t-shirts by the time I'm retired!!! In the meantime, they do make good gardening t-shirts!!!!!!
I pray it won't be another 90 degree week since LH's church doesn't have air conditioning.
VBS? Bring it on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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