Monday, April 29, 2013

It started out as an ordinary morning. I drove onto the interstate to make my hour commute to the church. After I accelerated to the usual 65 mph I felt a vibration in the steering wheel and an odd feel in the tires. I took the very next exit and pulled into a gas station to have a look at the tires. All seemed fine. There was a bit of a hot rubber smell but I could see nothing amiss. I drove back onto the expressway and accelerated up to 70 mph and again, the same odd vibration and feel. Fortunately, two exits later (only a couple miles away) and I slowed to 60 mph, there was a dealership. They are always very busy. And costly. The one gent took it for a test drive with me down the interstate to the next exit. He, too, felt the vibration. It would take quite awhile some expense to have it looked at. He thought it might be a wheel weight out of whack. I called LH and drove it back to our town and the tire store that does all our service. By then, the hot rubber smell was evident. After a bit of wait, the manager, who knows me by name, had it up on the rack and pointed out that the left back tire was frozen and couldn't move. It's now in the process of getting a new drum which had frozen up. An expense we didn't need at the moment, but then, when do we ever need such an expense?
LH came and picked me up and I've had a work day from home - working on a sermon and making phone calls. I feel bad that I wasn't able to go in today, but good, in that I am able to do some of my work from home. Mostly, I am thankful, that this didn't happen yesterday, on the way to worship or on the drive home, far from home in the pouring rain. Truly, I am grateful that the service station could take me right way and work on it, even it means that it blew any chance of my being in the office today.
So, a change of plans but it didn't upset me greatly or blow my gasket. Just one of those things that happen that are an inconvenience. The van wasn't damaged nor I. Just odd being home on Monday and will have to get some extra things done on Wednesday - like print out words for worship, and the next Sunday School lesson.
Although my plans were changed for the day, I am thankful. Sometimes, changes of plans, beyond our control, can be blessings in disguise!

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