Thursday, April 18, 2013

The grass is green as green can be! The meadow is carpeted in green. It is simply beautiful. I know that when summer comes, the grass will get brown and the weeds will be growing and green and the sparseness of our front lawn will have no curb appeal. But for now, I am content with how green it all looks at the moment. And I am savoring the greenness.
The first tulip has bloomed and the others are not far behind. The grape hyacinths are blooming as well. The bee balm is growing and spreading and the poppy bush is growing by leaps and bounds. The weeping cherries are blossoming and the Bradford Pear trees that line our street will be blooming in showy white before too long. I have already pulled weeds and there are more cropping up.
It all gladdens the heart and spirit.
The fact that we will have to purchase health insurance in July at more than 1/2 my monthly salary, which also must pay for mortgage, utilities, food and gas will not dampen me today. God is still holding up the hammock dangling over the abyss for us and I am grateful. Somehow, some way, God will guide us through this lean time of not enough.
All around me there will be an abundance of life and I struggle to trust that God will open a way for us.
It didn't help that a dress I was drawn to, was 20 percent off and the size I thought I needed had already sold out and only the larger size was available. I ordered it anyway and lo and behold, it fits perfectly. Turns out it runs a bit small and so, it was mean to be. I was hoping to be able to wear it for a birthday celebration for my godmother at a birthday gathering in Switzerland this August. I'm not sure that we will be going. Only if LH has a position by then. We will need to make flight arrangements next month.
For now, I am content and will not let anxiety or fear overrun my spirit.
My the greening of creation be something you savor today and give thanks to God.

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