Friday, April 19, 2013

I knew it would come to this. Those with Obama phones are now able to send and receive 250 texts a month.
That may not seem like many, but they now have the capability to text on their free phones.
LH and I have worked all our lives, saved, lived simply, pay our bills on time, have had to pay for some of our
health insurance, home, life and car insurance, and have a mortgage. We are responsible, educated citizens trying to make our way in life. With LH between positions and I serving a part-time position we barely make ends meet. I have a flip phone and don't pay for the ability to text or receive texts.
And here, those who are on welfare, who might need a phone, not only receive a free phone but the ability to text! Something isn't right here. My phone and all of you, others, have been subsidizing Obama phones. I am paying for someone to text when even I don't have the money to pay for that luxury. But I am expected to pay for someone else to have that access and ability. It doesn't make sense to me at all. I have a cell phone, mainly for emergencies or when I am not at a landline. I never use all the minutes in my plan. But, I am paying for someone on welfare to text and talk. Yes, I am somewhat miffed and angry about this and everyone who pays for their phones should be as well.
Perhaps, LH and I should give up and go on welfare, at least that way, we can get free phones and not only talk but also text.

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