Monday, April 08, 2013

This morning I saw the first squirrel in our neighborhood. Perhaps, that's not earthshattering news to most folks, but here, in this newer subdivision we have been squirrel-free for 10 years. The trees are still fairly young, but getting established. I have often wondered how long it would take for squirrels to arrive. Apparently, ten years to migrate either from the street across the meadow or from the woods adjacent to our subdivision just down the street.
Jazz saw the scoundrel first and because he became alert looking out the sliding glass doors to the backyard, I looked out the kitchen window to see what he noticed. The squirrel was running along the top of the fence and then down the fence into the neighbor's yard and into the meadow.
This squirrel will drive our greys crazy if it decides to make its home nearby. There are also three cats that wander around our street and plenty of dogs reside in our neighborhood.
So, it appears that we are pretty much an established neighborhood that has finally attracted the attention of the squirrel population.

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