Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Election is Over-
I am glad that this election is over and all the political ads of the last year and a half - far too much time spent on campaigning, are finally done.
I continue to appalled at the money spent on campaigning that could have gone to pay off the deficit or fund programs that are being cut. What a waste of money, especially here in OH where advertising has been non-stop and our mailbox overflowing with
slick brochures that go right into the garbage.
In this economy, with the world hurting and victims of Sandy without power, food, water, shelter, it is obscene that millions upon millions are wastefully spent on
campaigning. Wasteful even to the eyes of the world of resources, time, people power and money that are simply thrown to the wind. As Americans, we could do so much more than flinging money around that could actually do some good for our nation for the world.
Each party ought seriously consider changing the way we elect candidates - time limit for campaigning and dollar limits for spending.
Where have all these resources gotten us - our economy is still in the dumps, people are without jobs or underemployed, the education system is in shambles, and Congress does little - except talk and reap their own benefits. If Obamacare is so good, then let our elected government leaders be part of the same system as the rest of us. Why should they be exempt? It's an outrage. They should be the very first ones signing up for the health care program/insurance. How does one lead, but by example and with integrity. We are creating a class system that bodes no good.
America, we can do so much better. I pray that we will for apparently we have lost sight of our founding principles and we are paying for service that is woefully lacking.
Why should my tax dollars supporting local schools go to lawyers to settle which school should be in the football playoffs or not? My money should be used for books,
equipment and good teachers. School is first and foremost about education and less about sports. How many administrators in the school system are truly needed at the expense of teachers in the class room?
Enough. I am just glad it's all over and now we have to live into the next 4 years
and pray that things will get better rather than worse no matter who is President.

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