Saturday, November 24, 2012

A wonderful thanksgiving feast was enjoyed by all - LH and I, my SILs, and, of course, the greys!!
The table was set simply with fall tablecloth, autumnal ombre candles that I forgot I had bought in South Africa and found in the china cabinet, china, crystal and silverware and naturally, bit turkey paper napkins. We took a turkey pool for when Turkey Tebow would be ready. My one SIL won!!! (The prize: a piece of Swiss Chocolate!!!)
My SILs had to leave by 6 pm for their long drive home at the other end of the state and I spent the evening decarassing the bird - making doggie bags and people bags. Then, it was onto the washing and drying the dishes - crystal, china, silverware, bowls, pots, etc. I took my time. I soaked the roaster overnight. And I left the dishes and silverware on the table to put away in the morning. I was just too tired out at 9:30 pm.
It had been one of the warmest Thanksgiving Days we've ever had - 61 degees, blue sky and sunshine. We could have almost sat outside!
We enjoyed the time together with family and the day.
I am behind on my knee exercises and will have to catch up this coming week!

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