Monday, November 12, 2012

to the article in the local newspaper business section regarding JCP and its sales being down -
as one who has recently visited JCP, it's not so much the new pricing, as it has to do with, at least in the women's dept:
~sleeveless and short sleeves tops in the winter in NE OH, it gets cold here - where are the sleeves?
~the too low cut tops, not all of us amply endowed professional working women want
to show off the girls or draw more attention to them. Leave that for the runway and
Hollywood crowd.
~basic cotton/spandex pants in normal colors. Hey, it's winter, we want something
other than polyester dress pants and knit pants
~ outrageous patterns and colors - what happened to some normal, classy patterns and
tops made out of something other than polyester? How about some basic cotton, cotton
blend layering pieces?
~what happened to St. John's Bay label? Liked the basic casual items.
~too much polyester for winter
~fine gauge cotton/arcylic sweaters in normal colors - black, off white, blue, pink,
tan, green (that isn't emerald city green in your face), etc.
~cotton blend blouses with some classy patterns - not early 70's psychodelic hard
on the eyes designs
and this can apply to Macy's as well.
How about cashmere blend sweaters for us larger women. Think we don't get cold and love the feel and warmth of cashmere? You're missing a market.
I have been shopping or should I say, tried. I wouldn't give a nickel for most of the items in your stores. Yes, follow trends, but be aware of keeping to some of the basics and this sleeveless, too low cut tops and sweaters are not in keeping with most of your normal, professional women, especially during a Great Recession from which we
are not likely to rise up any time soon.
So, there is your answer to why your sales are down. I will wait until more reasonable and basic items are available. In the meanwhile, there are some catalogs that have come in the mail and have some of those basic items for sale...

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