Wednesday, November 21, 2012

As if coming back to life wasn't gift enough, God provided another wonderful opportunity. Anne Lamott, the author, was in town (nearest bigger city) and the public library was hosting a free hear the author speak and book signing. Something I simply could not pass up.
Last Friday, I had scurried to B&N to get her latest book - Help, Thanks, Wow on prayer. LH had a gift card for two years and never used. So, when he gave it to me and I knew her book was available last Tuesday, I couldn't wait to make the trip to B&N to get the book.
It wasn't until Sunday as I read the paper that I saw the article about Anne Lamott coming to the library.
I brought it up to LH, since I didn't want to go alone. The timing wasn't too great since on Tues. I had my workout at the therapy place, a quick trip to the grocery store for produce for Thanksgiving and an afternoon of cooking stock (what a wonderful aroma filled the house), two kinds of rice, and sauteeing veges and Italian sausage for the stuffing. I also had to puree the stock after it was cooked, take the meat off the neck, chop the gizzards and heart for the Boys, and clean up the mess. I got everything done and after an early and quick dinner, LH and I left for the library.
The auditorium at the library was filled to overflowing and they had an overflow room with a simulcast. Thankfully, we arrived early enough to get seats in the auditorium.
What a delight to hear and see Anne Lamott, to hear her speak, read a bit from her book, share her wisdom, and answer questions. With humor, she engaged all of us and the hour and a half flew by. She was unabashedly firm with her faith. I even got my book signed without too long a wait. I thanked her for the gift and grace she is and her writing. Even LH enjoyed the evening, though he is not a big reader.
There were two other Lutheran pastors present, that LH and I knew. Since I don't know any Presbyterian clergy really in that Presbytery, I couldn't tell if there were any there.
If you ever get the chance to go hear and see Anne Lamott, go without any hesitation. You will not be disappointed. She is honest, real and down-to-earth and projects the very same. Truly human and without fuss, which is very much part of her appeal.
Just a great pre-thanksgiving treat to savor and enjoy. Thanks be to God, for Anne Lamott, her gift of writing, her sincere and genuine faith and ability to put it out there for all to be touched and to consider their own faith, and for such a fantastic opportunity to be inspired and encouraged.

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