Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A woman dropped off a few small items for the church's Trash & Treasure Sale this coming Saturday. She mentioned that when she went to play bingo, there was a nun sitting at the round table she usually sits. Her heart sank as she realized she would need to behave and watch what she said. As she went to sit down, the nun said, "Hi" and the woman realized it was one of the ladies who also sat at that table - but all dressed up for Halloween in a nun's habit!!!!
It will be a quiet Halloween here. Our town has postponed Trick or Treating
until Saturday, when the rain will have ended and temps a couple of degrees warmer.
They even cancelled school yesterday and actually, although it was somewhat windy at school time, it had abated from the gusts during the night. They really could have had school yesterday. They used up one of their precious snow days.
So the door bell won't be ringing and I won't be on the porch for two hours handing out candy and smiling at all the various and sometimes very creative costumes. A very quiet Halloween.
Tomorrow will be All Saints' Day with time to reflect on all the wonderful saints who have blessed my life in all the churches I've served, those in my family, former teachers, and those who have left their imprint on my life through their writings -
Joyce Rupp, Henri Nouwen, Frederick Buechner, Mary Oliver, Walter Wangerin, Jr., and a whole host of others. I would not be who I am without their being a part of my life and I would not have the wisdom I have gained without the sharing of themselves. I am finding that All Saint's Day is full - full of the cloud of witnesses that surround me. Full of encouragement, inspiration, love, grace, strength, hope and peace. I pray that I will not disappoint them by my one insignificant life. I pray that I might be faithful as they are faithful, to serve lovingly and joyfully, to be a grateful disciple.

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