Monday, July 02, 2012

this may be my last post for awhile. My surgery is scheduled for late tomorrow
morning. Then my left leg will be encased in a "two ton" hinged but locked leg brace for the next 3 months. It will be like lifting the Titanic with every step and the first two weeks will be riddled with a pain none can imagine and the fog of pain medication.
I dread this. But I also want it to be over with. I have to relearn patience. Everything takes so much longer to do and I have to move slower and more carefully and deliberately. I will have to relearn how to ride a bike. But that will come much later.
So, while my voice may be quiet for a time (until I get totally bored and rejoin the land of the living), I will be thinking of all of you and the busy and meaningful work of you ministry.
I am feeling pretty useless at the moment, especially, since a parishioner lost her husband in a tragic auto accident and I was unable to go and be with her. We have spoken on the phone, prayed, and I know the church family will be doing all they can for her and to provide a pastor for the memorial service.
What humbled me most, was in the thick of her grief, she thanked me for coming to the church, for being their pastor in this time of transition, and for my calls and prayers. I continue to pray for her and feel so very bad that I can't be with her and the family. I am amazed that in the midst of the rawness of her grief and shock, she would even make a point of thanking me. It astounds me and brings me to my knees. (at least figuratively since I cannot kneel anymore physically, but certainly my spirit does.)
I pray that the surgery goes well, without complications or infection and I will be blogging again during my healing process.
Peace be with you all.

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