Friday, July 20, 2012

Working hard on my exercise and am perhaps at about 20 degrees after a few knee slides. Have a week and a half to be at 40 degrees.
Trying to make peace with my leg brace since it will be my uninvited companion for
the next several weeks. I have to keep adjusting it throughout the day as gravity
keeps pulling it down. It seems to weigh 10 pounds and makes for awkward movement.
However, it gives my knee and leg support which s good.
It has been so dry in these parts that our river clump birch has lost 1/3 of its leaves and our little gingko looks like a Charlie Brown gingko tree - small leaves, not much foliage. Last summer it was so very full which gorgeous fan-shaped leaves.
We did get an inch of rain yesterday and were supposed to get more rain today, but that has not yet happened. We are about 6 inches of rain behind where we should be.
At least the temps have cooled down into the 80's, which is always welcome.
Being home bound with a computer, TV and credit card can be dangerous thing. I ordered some workout clothes for therapy and a pair of slip-on Ryka canvas shoes for working out as well. The leather ones I have would be way too hot in the summer. My canvas Keds are so old and stained that I use them only for when I clean house. The sweater I ordered from JJill was on sale and I just couldn't resist. A gift to myself for all the pain I've endured. A treat to look forward to wearing when I am more mobile and the temps are cooler. Can't wait for all to come to my door in the mail.
I'm thinking I should hide my credit card!!!!
The progress is so abysmally slow. I have to fight discouragement and keep looking ahead to what I'll be able to do eventually. Hard to be patient with myself and the healking process. I know what it will take and how long it takes. But still, I want to be much further along than I am. One day, one week at a time. And I will keep
exercising even when it seems that I'm not making any headway.

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