Saturday, July 14, 2012

The surgeon seemed pleased with the healing of the incision. I asked about removing staples and he used none. My knee has been superglued!!!
Today, I had my first shower in 11 days. Nothing compares to the deliciousness of that wonderfully warm shower. Finally, I feel cleaner than ever.
Have begun a new exercise - knee slides. I bend the knee and let gravity pull it back down. I'm supposed to be up to 40 degrees by August 1st. I think I'm at 10!! Nevertheless, I press on, everyday doing 3 to 5 sets of 15, as much as I can stand.
The knee is so tight when I bend it, it feels like it is bound. I have also been doing some slight tip toe to heel rocking while holding onto the porch railing, and pressing my knee down while lying down, doing about 20. I'm also to begin tightening the quad muscle, which I can do a little even as it quivers.
It's a gentle start to rehabing the muscle and knee.
Sitting is the most uncomfortable position of all. I can stand and lie down, but the sitting is the worst.
I did manage to dig out my garlic which was smaller this year and already ripe. I also pulled some weeds while I was at it. LH was with me the whole time in case the
uneven ground around the herb garden would be a problem. I was glad for his presence and help.
I am using the walker less and the cane more which makes getting around a bit easier.
Of course, I am hauling 10 pounds extra on my left leg. (The hinged brace is not 10 lbs, but it sure feels like it on your leg!)
So, I am slowly coming along. Slowly. I have to relearn slow and patient. I am much better now than I was last week. I have to look back a week to keep me from being discouraged at how long this will take and when I cannot yet master the exercises I've been given. Practice, practice, practice. Patience. Patience. Patience.
Aye, it's gonna be a long, long summer.

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