Friday, July 20, 2012


The summer is whizzing by and soon it will be August! That means that there are five months left in this year 2012. What do you look forward to in the next five months; or what is scheduled? What is meaningful for you in each of these months? Or memories you have of these months? You decide what to write about for each month!

1. August
Starting physical therapy, three times a week, relearning to ride a bike, having
my knee bent - ouch, and working hard on getting the knee healed and moving.
2. September
This month will be more of the same. Hoping that I can actually sit at the
dinner table more comfortably by then and making good progress.
3. October
Hoping I will have finished my therapy and rehab. Praying I would have a new
position. Would be nice to travel to the Lake House and see my sister and BIL
this year.
4. November
Hosting Thanksgiving Day turkey dinner and having my SILs over for the day.
5. December
Going on a Carribean Cruise to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. So
my knee has to be in good order by then!


Sally said...

December sounds lovely, hope the P therapy means you can enjoy the cruise even more :-)

Purple said...

May it all go well. Beautiful way to celebrate your 25th.

Jan said...

Keep chugging away at the rehab! It took me the past six months to almost fully recuperate from shoulder surgery, and I am so grateful for the physical therapist I had! You'll do it! We got married in December, too, so I look forward to hearing about your anniversary cruise!

river song said...

continued prayers for your knee... it sounds painful and frustrating, And way to go for Turkey Day and the Caribbean for your 25th!