Wednesday, July 25, 2012

LH seems to think that I am at about 30-35 degrees. Hope he's right!!! It just doesn't seem like it's that much, but perhaps, I am hoping for more and being prone makes it
harder to judge.
I have one more weekend of preaching in this current position. I am praying that the drive won't be as much of a torture as last weekend. On Monday, LH and I will book up and load up the van with my books, office items, manger and bale of straw and my robe and stoles.
It will be difficult to celebrate communion one last time with the good folks I have come to care about deeply and this community of faith that have struggled so hard to stabilize after some poor behavior from their last pastor. He did not help matters by running through their money, not wanting to look bad, and not being honest about their financial position - to the point of taking over the budget and the church's fault for not maintaining a working financial committee and letting the pastor get away with far too much. What pastor can max out the church credit card every month on Starbucks and dinners that were not always with the staff or people he claimed, or used his expenses for which he was reimbursed and claiming for taxes? It infuriates me. He also hid unpaid church bills in his desk which the church has just now discovered and it is several thousand dollars that they simply don't have.
Yes, my coming in as interim felt like walking into the lion's den this time. And although, it seemed that in the ensuing months the church was operating just barely in the black - the stash of unpaid bills was both a surprise and a major let-down.
Now they will have a retired pastor being supply pastor.
The church leadership has really stepped up and taken responsibility which they should have done a few years ago.
But now, I must let go and move on and they must continue to discern if they are able to go on or close their doors. I have done what I could in an extremely part-time
position. They will have a special place in my heart.
I pray that God will provide me another opportunity to serve that may be not as challenging as this one - where I felt that there was little I could offer or do. I know that at the moment, I am not mobile enough to serve, but we sure could use the income.
I will trust that God will provide in God's time when God knows I am well and able.
In the meanwhile, I keep exercising and doing what I can.
Yesterday, I picked three ripe tomatoes off the vine and even managed to pull a few weeds!!!
It is good to be able to do a few things. And I will be content with what I can do today that I could not do last week.

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