Friday, February 10, 2012


We've been asked to share 5 Valentine's with some of the amazing people in our lives; excluding spouse/significant other, children, G-d, Jesus & Holy Spirit.
Who are the amazing ones in your life you'd love to send a valentine?

1. My sister. She's my best friend and very giving. She's more "A" personality
type than I, but I love her dearly and so appreciate all she's done and
given me in my life and all our shared experiences. My valentine would be
time together doing girlie things.

2. My niece who is experiencing love for the first time and is hard at work
in med school. She is a unique and intense, but a wonderful young woman.

3. My good friends from Seminary. We have don't see each other much but have
been in much contact and shared visits throughout the years. They are
going through a tough time and my valentine would be to see them again
and prayers that all will work out and a new position for him and a
published book for her.

4. My past spiritual director. I miss her and she is an amazing woman who
has had health issues. So patient, kind, insightful. I pray for her
and her health.

5. My cousin in Switzerland with whom I spent a week this past August. She
cares for her significant other who is paralyzed and is still dealing with
residual problems from a head injury. She is a bright spirit who has
grown immensely in the past years.

BONUS: A valentine to all the wonderful church women who serve the church in
myriad of faithful ways, giving of their time, faith, love and
themselves. I've been privileged to meet so many of them, lay and
clergy throughout my years of ministry. (Yes, there were some real
pills as well, but the many outshone the few dim ones!)

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