Thursday, February 02, 2012

On the last day of January, I put on my spring jacket when I drove to the store and filled up my gas tank.
On the last day of January, I got out the pruning shears and pruned the inkberry bush and the burning bush, and pulled out some old dried grasses
from the flower beds.
On the last day of January, I took the greys for a walk around the neighborhood.
On the last day of January, it was 58 degrees and felt like a March day.
I can not remember such a last day in January nor even a first day of February which reached 57 degrees, that was so warm, sunny and such a
wonderful gift of grace.
I was glad on that last day of January, with winter half over, to talk a
walk with the greys, to savor the day, to enjoy the sunshine, to do some
Thank you for the blessing, God. It was much appreciated!

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