Tuesday, February 07, 2012

very simply with LH deciding we needed a new down comforter. OK. It was time to replace it. Then, it dawned on me how very, very tired I am of blue.
Twenty-five years of blue duvet covers, blue sheets, blue blanket and navy blue dust ruffle! Ugghhh. Enough. I found a new duvet cover in a laurel green color, which then lead to a new dust ruffle in ecru, and a new blanket in ecru. Then came new sheets to match in a soft green. Followed by LH wanting to replace his pillow which had aged as thin as a pancake. In the end, we kept one down comforter and returned the other, returned the duvet cover which had polyester in it and a polyester back - we are cotton people. But the print on the duvet comforter package was in tiny print that the back was all polyester and not a blend. One dust ruffle was returned as I found another cheaper one. And the blanket was returned as it was only a full/queen and not a true queen.
Today, we have a set of sheets, a down comforter sans cover, another ecru cotton blanket, and an ecru dust cover. To fit the size of the comforter, I have had to go on-line. There are 3 options. Will have to swing them by LH and then order the duvet cover.
I have spent two afternoons, searching for and returning something that should be rather simple. Who knew queen sized duvets come in two different sizes? And how hard it is to find a cotton duvet cover with some interest that isn't bland, isn't way out there printwise and doesn't cost an arm and a leg? It is near impossible! Maybe, I just should've stayed with blue, except that it is really, really old.
I pray that one of the duvet covers will win over LH and we can put this marathon buying and returning to rest. I hardly ever return things to a store, but this time I have returned nearly everything.
Part of it all is, I don't need pillow shams or all the other extras
they want to include. Just a plain old duvet cover in breathable cotton. I can't even make my own any more as stores don't sell single flat sheets separately. I may hold onto the blue duvet cover afterall and just a do a neutral bed theme, so the duvet cover can be changed. It is all so complicated trying to match sizes and colors. What should have been a fun thing, turned out to be more than frustrating.
I wonder at the bedding manufacturers and how expensive sheets and bedding have gotten. Neither I or LH want to dump a bunch of pillows on a floor before we go to bed and put them all back the next morning. I don't want to hide my pillow in a pillow sham that I have to take off every night and put back on every morning. Come on. Really. In what reality do people do this nightly/daily? We're just glad to make the bed each day!!! And then all the busy patterns on all the little pillows on the bed and duvet cover. It's just simply too, too much.
So what started simply mushroomed into a huge endeavor that shouldn't be necessary.
I'll be glad to be at the church tomorrow. And focus on more important things in life than covering our bed.

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