Wednesday, July 07, 2010

So there I was driving on the interstate for my hour-long commute to the church this morning, when a car pulls ahead of me into my lane. (I am usually in the far left lane, which normally moves a little faster.) When that all too familiar sound strikes, of a rock hitting my windshield. Only this time I don't see the round spot just a 4 inch horizontal blue line from the edge of the window towards the center, midway in the windshield on the driver's side. Had it been an inch or so more over to the left, it would've missed me completely. Looks like there will be a new windshield in my future. I have had more rocks and pebbles hit the windshield of this van than any other van or car I've owned. I know I'm driving quite a bit (more this week, because it is so hot and it is cooler at home than the apartment with its tiny a/c.) But I used to (22 years ago!) drive 400 miles, from central OH to central IL, every other weekend for a year, on interstate and highway behind trucks, semi's, and farm equipment, and never once had anything hit and damage my windshield. Is there more stuff on the roadways now or what?
I never saw anything, just the wack of some small rock or large pebble hitting the windshield.
My insurance agent is just gonna love me!

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