Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Greyhound News:
I was going to wait until I could post a picture, but not being home much and a busy weekend, it just didn't happen. Hopefully, I'll get it posted over the next weekend.
Jett is wearing 2 doggie inflatable donuts around his neck and looks like he's ready to go boating!!!
Poor, poor fella!
When we picked him up from being boarded, he had a slight scratch on his left front elbow. We watched it and tried to keep him from licking it. It got worse (from his licking, of course!) We tried to put the plastic bucket collar on him and he simply freaked and got it off by whacking it. The sore got worse.
We took him to the emergency vet (because LH waited too long) and Jett was put on 7 days of antibiotic, and that's when we got the donuts.
Now a greyhound has a unique physique! So the medium donut fit around the neck but, Jett figured how to just reach his sore. Jett could slip out of the large donut, but LH went and got the large one. Now, the large donut is around Jett's neck by his chest and the medium one is behind his ears. Thankfully, Greys have long necks to accomodate both and it works!!!!
Jett just looks pathetic and is always playing for sympathy.
The wound got a bit better but still bled a bit - drops all over the carpet and dog bed. As most dogs and especially greys, Jett uses his elbow tto lay down and to get back up, which aggravates and rubs the sore.
LH had to take Jett to the Vet yesterday and they tested the blood finding bacteria - so still an infection and more antibiotics, but no signs of cancer!!!
LH made a quick run to the store to pick up a couple more cans of Vienna Sausage - the only thing that seems to work for getting Jett to take his antibiotics. We have been through Liversausage, Peanut Butter, KauKauna cheese and even those Pill Pockets, which we had to cut in half to use. I hope he doesn't grow tired/suspicious of the Vienna Sausage otherwise we will be at wit's end.
I'm hoping this sore will start clearing up soon so that Jett can live without his air donuts, especially when the weather's been so hot. He's such an elegant, refined fella and these past 6 weeks have been a pain for us all, but none moreso than Jett.

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