Thursday, July 08, 2010

I'm actually kinda caught up for this week, already!!!
That rarely happens. Usually, there's still a long list of things to do or to begin tackling. Trying to space my visits out so that I will have a couple to do next week.
Since it's so hot today, I'll be making a nursing home visit. You can usually enjoy their air conditioning!!!
I've visited parishioners who don't have a/c on warm days and really got hot. So, I've tried to make visits this week where I know there's a/c, except for yesterday but they live in the woods and had ceiling fans and I survived without too much discomfort.
The secretary here is wearing long pants and a 3/4 length sleeve knit shirt. I'm wearing a neutral printed cotton skirt, white linen short=-sleeved shirt and black sandals. It's going to be like 95 today. I would be sweating away in a shirt with longer sleeves. The vehicles in the parking lot heat up to well over 100 degrees.
Maybe its a psychological thing. Wear long sleeves and it makes you think its cooler than it is!!!! Nope, won't work for me. Anything over 85 is just too hot for me.
In the meanwhile, I'm counting the hours 'til the cool front arrives, tomorrow!!!!

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