Tuesday, July 20, 2010

were going around in my head, as I just said "NO, NO, NO!" I mistakenly hit a button with the side of my palm and poof! the prayers of the people I'd been working on disappeared in a flash and I was looking at a blank page on my screen. I just about had the prayer done too. It was worded just as I wanted it to be. I had crafted it just so. I am furious. I hate this keyboard. It has happened before. How infuriating!!
Makes me wonder why our real mistakes and failures don't just disappear and vanish so easily as the good stuff. I know, there are lessons that need to be learned, wisdom gained, forgiveness received, etc. But, it would be nice if they just instanteously disappeared as they ocurr. That is wishful thinking.
So, now its back to Word and a new blank page to start all over again. I think I'll tackle it after lunch and let the churning of the frustation settle into gentle waves until I let it go into the ocean of oblivion where it no longer matters any more.
Wish I could have really said the words you can't say in church!

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