Tuesday, May 18, 2010


What I did when I went home was a marathon of activities:
- returned home later after a committee meeting
Friday -
- got up at 6:30 am to let the dogs out and give them breakfast.
I also made breakfast, as LH was up and getting groomed for Synod
- had my shower
- went to the bank, dry cleaners, two grocery stores
- unloaded groceries at home, fed the boys lunch, ate lunch also
- drove 20 minutes to shopping area to pick up a bronze metallic
rubber duckie for marriage survival kit I'm preparing for nephew's
wedding celebration. I got two for $.67 - such a deal. Stopped at
a dept. store, afterall, I was already in the neighborhood. Found
two t-shirts.
- stopped at discount dept. store, looking for an old fashioned
egg timer. Not to be found - they are all digital and $10.00-
$19.00. Did find a kitchen scale with pounds and grams for partial
wedding gift (I have a recipe box and have written out many recipes,
a recipe card holder, extra recipe cards and plastic sleeves, an
apron she can sew, etc.) Since many of my Swiss recipes are in grams
I thought my nephew's wife could use a kitchen scale with a good
sized bowl to measure off in pounds and grams.
- stopped at office supply store and found special paper on which to
write and print off all the items in the marriage survival kit.
- stopped at grocery store to pick up something frozen for dinner, which
I forgot earlier
- got home, started my laundry
- let the boys out
- planted my tomatoes and basil
- mnade hummingbird food, filled feeder and put outside
- returned a call and now have a funeral service to do, on Tuesday, for
someone I don't know as I am covering for a neighboring pastor out of town.
- reinforced buttons on shirt jacket and capri's
- ironed said linen shirt jacket & a dress
- unloaded the dishwasher
- made the boys dinner
- made my dinner
- still doing laundry
- pulled weeds
- watched some TV
- went to bed, exhausted
Saturday -
- LH up at 6 am, I am up at 6:30 am
- let the boys out
- feed them breakfast
- change into grubbies, hair is wild-looking
- fertilize the front and back yards
- eat breakfast
- shower
- go to town center Herb & Craft Fair, find a couple little things
stop in hardware/gift shop, find an old fashioned egg timer!!
- go home, get grubby again
- finish laundry
- scrub shower stall
- make lunch for the boys and me
- make cole slaw salad for the church potluck brunch Sunday
- pack up clean laundry
- check e-mail
- gather up some books to take with
- load up clothes in the van
- prepare and eat dinner, ok so LH grilled the meat, I did the rest
- did the dishes
- load up the groceries
- drive an hour
- unload the van
- sermon and service preparation for Sunday
- fall into bed exhausted

It was a non-stop weekend, plus with the concern over the funeral hanging over me.
Met with the family yesterday. The son is an episcopalian priest and graduate of Yale Divinity School. Ya, like that's no pressure whatsoever!!! Fortunately, he wants to speak about his Dad and also do the prayer of commendation and benediction.
So, OK, but I still have to do a message. I pray what I offer brings some comfort and peace to him and the family.
Things will just be hectic for the time being. Next Friday afternoon, I will be wheel-less as the van has to go in for service and I need to complete the marriage survival kit (MSK), type everything up, get the SS Teacher's stuff in bags, and the choir director's items in a gift bag. Then, I have to scroll up the graduates' advice list for next Sunday.
Tonight is the funeral service and tomorrow I have a committee meeting at 6 pm and Session at 7 pm.
I've lost my Pentecost sermon and will have to go home to find it. I will leave Thurs at 1 pm, to make up for time two weeks ago and this week and to retype that lost sermon.
I am so ready for a vacation, but that will be stressful too. At least the first couple days, with the wedding and all.
i would look forward to some time off after this interim ends, but LH's comes to an end this month and that means less income and I'm carrying health insurance. Once, my interim is done, I can only pray that LH will have found a position by then or else we will be up a creek. But, I will not concern myself with that yet. First, getting through the next couple weeks, then the trip and the wedding.


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