Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Just as Spring arrived early, so now, has Summer arrived early, it being only the end of May! I am hoping that I can survive the heat with three fans in the upper room I am renting. It does get very warm up there.
It is wonderful that it is not raining after a week of rain.
My Siberian Iris are blooming, as is the yarrow, baby's breath, and very soon the poppies. I've a poppy bush with 19 buds on it!!!! But wonder of wonders, my butterfly managed to survive the winter and is coming back!!!
Now if my tomatoes would grow as good as the chamomile, it would be fantastic!!
So there are moments of brightness, things in which to rejoice even in the midst of a dark night. I try not to think about a month or even three months from now. This dark night is teaching me to live in the moment, in the eternal now, otherwise, despair will overwhelm me. I am one who likes to have some inkling of the year ahead, to have some idea of what to plan for, and simply cannot in this dark night. With neither of us employed or serving come fall, what will we do for healthcare and paying the bills? I am and have been praying that God would make a way for us in this vast, undending wilderness, but I haven't as yet stumbled upon it. I am praying that as the summer unfolds, so will something for LH and the next thing for myself.
For now, I will appreciate and savor the beauty of God's creation, I will hold onto the promise I've witnessed in the butterfly bush which has come back from the dead. I trust the promise of Christ and his power to bring to life, the lifeless and dead. It is all that I can do.

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