Wednesday, May 12, 2010


It will rain again today as it has most of the week. We are fortunate that we have not flooded here as in TN nor have had any tornadoes as destructive as the ones in OK. Prayers are with the suffering folks in both places.
Had a frost the other night. I was so tempted to plant my tomatoes and basil this past weekend, but knew there might be a frost. Sure enuf! LH is learning to tend to this tender, young plants. He will learn to water the geraniums in the flower boxes and the herbs in the garden. He will learn to refill the hummingbird feeder that I will put out this weekend. He is tending to the boys, and making sure Jett gets his antibiotic twice a day after a mishap with Jazz and Jett at the Vet's last Friday.
All the things I used to tend and see to, now falls on LH's shoulders and he is learning. Perhaps, that is not such a bad thing. Maybe there will be a greater appreciation of all I've done and of me, period. I do miss tending to these things, in the evening after supper, to deadhead the geraniums, to water what needs watering, to pull some weeds, to refill the hummingbird feeder and the finch feeder, to mend, to resew or reinforce a button, or shorten a pair of pants, to give the Boys their cookies, and yes, dare I admit, even to clean some things in the way they should be cleaned. Haven't yet fertilized the lawn - either too rainy and once way too hot. Haven't washed the windows yet either. And the wedding is drawing nearer.
First things, first. The windows can always be washed. If I miss the spring fertilizer, I'll do the summer grub control. And the fall one. The wedding stuff, that has to happen now. One day at a time, one week at a time...somehow I will manage and so will LH.
In between the rain drops and tear drops, we do what we can and leave the rest in God's capable hands, trusting God, for all things.

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