Thursday, May 06, 2010

National Day of Prayer -

This evening I will be taking part in a Narional Day of Prayer Service. Although, my contemplative nature would have me think of this as a Prayer service and to be reflective of the 7 areas of concern that need our prayers, it seems that the clergy here have other ideas and it will be 1 1/2 hour worship service complete with a sermon (I'll be timing the length), praise choir, and a laying on of hands for folks who need prayer, (although this is not a healing service per se). This was a bit more than I had expected. My prayers for the media will not be overly long. I'd like to pray that God's Spirit would give us the good sense to switch channels if something inane or distasteful is being shown and for the freedom to not see certain movies, even if they are popular, because of violence, etc. I will pray for freedom and discerning spirits. It will be an overly long service on a school night and I, know there will be some long-winded clergy.
(Sigh) It's been a week since I've been home, and after the service, I will have an hour long ride. I hope to home by 10 pm and see my Boys before heading off to bed.
Is there an extra jewel for my crown in heaven?
All these clergymen live at home and will be home within 5 minutes of leaving the church.
One of clergymen, at our meeting, brought up foul language he's heard amongst teens out in public. He has found a town ordinance that forbids it and is garnering support to take these kids to court. Then he brought up the books they read in school.
Oh no...don't ever tell me not to read a certain book! I read Catcher In the Rye, and I didn't go off spouting foul language because I read it in that book! I have a mind and a discerning spirit. Kids should be exposed to a variety of literature, and guided in ways to be reflective and think for themselves. We are not creating mindless robots nor can we insulate kids from everything in the world. WE are to give them firm foundations and deep roots and then give them wings to explore, discern, think through things, reflect and distinquish the between what is good, and truthful and advances the betterment of ourselves and others and the world, and what is merely trash and not worth wasting time and energy on.
There is a Seminary in this regional area that doesn't allow students to read certain commentaries. I think if I were told that in Sem, I would have left the Seminary. Allow me to read, digest, reflect, discern and be stretched by various views on a text or issue.
I have read most banned books!!!!
But, I digress. Do we really need to take kids to court for using foul language or can we just tell them that we find their language offensive and that civil behavior dictates not offending others in public places. (I suppose I would just get laughed at). What does it say about a church that we will take you to court? That's a way to reach young people? Or shall we reach out to them and show them a better way to be in the world? And understanding that sometimes the use of foul language is part of growing up, rebellion, etc. Not that I advocate the use of foul language, mind you. But, there was a time as a teen, when I would pepper my language with friends from time to time.
It's going to be a long day and a long night. Pray for me to hold my tongue and my temper. Pray that the service is shorter rather than longer.

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