Tuesday, May 04, 2010


I get that from time to time. Especially when it's about funerals. The family doesn't trust the interim and finds some clergy who knew their parent when...
True, when you come in as interim, you don't have a history with the congregation. But you do get to know them fairly quickly and their families. And you pick up things from parishioners, and family themselves.
The only interim who really sucked at a funeral was the one who officiated at LH's mom's funeral in a tiny, central IL town. I really felt so bad for Lh and all his siblings.
By the grace of God, I haven't up to this point, ever screwed up a funeral or didn't share relevant things about the deceased and the hope of our faith in Jesus Christ.
However, I have not been trusted on several occasions and been passed over. It has happened again. Just because I didn't know the person "when" doesn't mean that with the help of family (sharing stories) that I can't do a very meaningful service.
It's the not being trusted that grates on me.
The first year as an installed pastor, I ran into that as well, and shared the service with a pastor from out of state, long retired for two funerals. Honestly!
When I am retired, I doubt I will perform any funerals at past places I have served. It should be between the pastor, interim or installed, to officiate. I don't feel I have a need to intervene, or not be able to say, "No". I may attend a funeral, but hopefully, we will be far away from places we've served to make it not a possibility.
I won't linger long over this as I am grateful, to be spared one funeral in a very long week. I wasn't able to go home last Sunday and will not get home 'til at least 9 pm Thursday because of the National Day of Prayer Service in our town. So, I am somewhat relieved.
However, for the future, interims can be trusted to officiate well, and good, and meaningfully.

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