Thursday, April 08, 2010

Something Girly - Part 3

Mission accomplished! I have drawn and cut out 153 fish for worship next Sunday!
It only took 4 tries to get the fish shape the way I envisioned. I wish I had been created with more artistic talent.
Then the challenge was to get construction paper, masking tape, scissors and batteries for the TV remote that died the night before. So, I made a stop at DDM, which carries a little of everything that is quite astounding indeed! I fingered a pair of cheaper scissors, but they didn't move easily enough. I picked up the 7.99 pair, the kind I have on my craft table at home and know move and cut well. I just didn't want to spend that much. So, from the office supply aisle, I wandered over and picked up a bottle of Merlot, then drifted to hardware and found masking tape.
I ventured another aisle over where they had sewing supplies and lo, and behold, they had some other scissors. Cool ones, with blue handles and blue striped blades, and a pair with pink handles and pink and purple polka dots on the outer blades!! What fun! And just 2.99. They moved easily and well and the blades matched up fine.
Now, I own a pair of very girly pink polka dotted scissors!!!!! And cut so well, (my hand didn't hardly get all that sore from the cutting), that I now have 153 cut out fish!!
Here I am, over 50, and am getting more girly. Who knows what more girly things are yet to come?!!?

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