Monday, April 05, 2010


As I gaze out the window, the bushes and some trees in the woods on the hillside are showing signs of fresh green baby leaves!!! The grass is as green as green can be, the daffodils are blooming yellow. Yesterday, I saw a magnolia in full bloom on my way home. Spring is bustin' out all over - just as Christ busted forth in new life!
We had a wonderful Easter service, although it ran nearly an hour and a half long. We enjoyed a brass octet who played a short musical introit. The choir anthem was moving and with the sihouetted picture of a triumpant, risen Christ on the screen as they sang an anthem with the words, "He Lives" (not the hymn one), I was so moved and felt a stirring of Easter in my spirit and heart. My sermon was not overly long, but we had communion (which adds about 15 mins. to the service) and the octet offertory lasted nearly 10 mins., an original arrrangement composed by the father of our choir director who plays trombone and trumpet and is a band director. The kids had fun singing "Halle, Halle, Halleljuah" and the Easter Egg Hunt following worship.
All in all, a wonderful celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord.
This week I'm putting the finishing touches on our Joy Sunday for this coming Sunday. They'll be balloons, an open mic for joke telling, and the kids will provide special effects for the song "Jesus' Love is a Bubblin' Over" - they'll be blowing bubbles!!!! In the end, everyone leaves happier, healthier, and lighter in spirit!!!
I even ordered, Jack Jewell's "The Risen Christ by the Sea" bulletin covers, so that everyone can reflect on the joy Christ must've felt after the resurrection and see a joyous depiction of Jesus!
So, I am dancing even in this dark post-resurrection night!

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