Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Exist or Not to Exist -

Interestingly enough, we have yet to receive a census form in the mail. All this time and we haven't received anything. It's as though we've disappeared from the face of our country. Odd, we file and pay our taxes faithfully, though not really joyfully, every year. We own our home - well, the bank owns some, too.
So, what happened? And why are we still waiting for our form?
I have a feeling someone screwed up and in the end, they will be sending someone to our door. Hopefully, one of us will be home (more likely LH) when they come knocking. I'm thinking Jett and Jazz won't be too forthcoming with information to any census worker. They'll just wag their tails and jump all over them. What a waste of people power and taxpayer money to have to send someone to a home in a subdivision full of homes because someone neglected to send The Form.
Someone LH spoke with the next town over, mentioned that they had received a notification letter saying that their census form was coming. Wow! Another waste of time and tax payer expense. Just send The Form and follow up with those who haven't repsonded. How simple can that be? Duh!
Maybe we can slip under the radar. Maybe we don't really exist. I'll bet if we failed to file and pay our taxes we would be missed and tracked down to prove we exist! How do all the Congress people and workers get by without paying their taxes, anyway? Did they get The Form? Maybe they don't really exist either. Hmmm...just something to ponder.
Not really existential - to exist or not to exist - just an error on the part of wonderful government.

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