Monday, April 12, 2010

The church lawn is being mowed for a second time - first time last week and now again this week. It's only the 12th of April! I can't remember when mowing started this early in the season. Trees are budding and the Bradford pears that line our street lawn are in full bloom making for a showy white drive down our street.
I've already weeded some, pulled dandelions, planted my marjoram, sage, thyme and rosemary. I'm holding off on the basil and parsley knowing they are more sensitive to frost. If this warm weather keeps up, I'll have to plant the basil and tomatoes soon!!!
We could use more rain though. It's been a fairly dry April. Whatever happened to April showers bring May flowers? My wee grape hyacinths are blooming, the bee balm is arising and the poppy is looking like a small bush!!! I so look forward to things blooming in the garden.
I long for things to bloom in my life. This limbo, dark night, has taken its toll on my spirit. I long for my energy, zest, passion, delight and joy to return, to
blossom again in my soul. God's vast, great silence continues. I keep listening. I keep hoping something will come up for LH and always, come up mostly empty.
This dark night colors my world and what should be joyful is lacking much luster. I so want to celebrate my nephew's marriage and should be happy, thrilled, excited, etc. and I want to happy, thrilled and excited, but am not. Well, maybe there is some joy, but not what should or could be there under other circumstances. Maybe, once the time gets closer, there will be more happiness and joy.
In the meanwhile, as I've said before, I keep praying to the Great Silence that is God with the hope that one day, the silence will melt away and I will be reunited with God.

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