Monday, November 19, 2007


Mostly at the church and at home. I'm ok. The church computer is not! It is very sick and has been taken away by the computer ambulance to have its slate wiped clean and so that it can begin again.
Thus, I did not have access to my computer.
At home, I usually am doing a whole host of other things and very rarely get on the computer except once or twice a week to check my home e-mail and to work on my sermon. LH is on the computer most evenings when he gets home from church meetings. I will not compete with him for computer time.
Felt pretty lost, lonely, and greatly frustrated without a working computer. Thanks be to God, that I was able to print out my liturgy for Sunday's worship and also the following Sunday. Wheeh, that would've been awful to start all over again.
I did manage to print out the Advent Candlelighting liturgies this morning.
So, the most important was saved! Now my naughty computer will go to confession, be cleared and wiped clean! And can start anew and afresh all scrubbed clean, glowing, and ready to begin again. Would that we might take our forgiveness and pardon in such a way, that we do feel scrubbed clean and washed, and wiped clear of all our sins and ready and truly believing we are indeed forgiven to begin anew.
We tend to hold one to one thing or another or doubt that we can ever be fully forgiven for everything. But what grace, what freedom there is in knowing and believing, trusting and accepting that forgiveness is ours, is mine!!! Totally and completely!!! Thanks be to God!!!!!!! I am forgiven. The hard drive of my life is erased and wiped clean and I can begin again and anew. How glorious is that?!!?
May the grace of our being forgiven be a blessing for which you can always and ever give thanks.

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