Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I came home around 5:30 pm. Changed clothes. Began cooking dinner. Fed the greys.
Made the salad. Stirred the sauce. Heated the tortellini. Served dinner. Ate dinner.
Cleaned up. Made a pan of brownies. Put them in the oven. Washed a bunch of dishes.
Went through my mail. Removed the brownies from the oven. Mixed a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough. Filled 3 cookie sheets. Popped them in the oven one by one. Did the dishes again. At 9:40 pm, I finally got a moment to sit on the couch. How many pastors bring dessert to their informal Hanging of the Greens time at church?
I guess that's what quaint about small churches and women pastors.
Remember this is the church that has potato chips as a side dish to pizza?!!!?
I should've made veges and dip - had I known that the one to do so wasn't coming tonight!! It probably would've taken a lot less time!!!!!!!!
I would have like to did other things last night!!!


Sally said...

That is a difficulty isn't it, one of the first questions I was asked on arriving here was; "Do you arrange flowers?" I set the tone then by saying no!!!

Prayers for a restful evening this evening. :-)

Lorna said...

I dunno what you did sounded lovely :) and what a blessing you are!