Thursday, November 08, 2007


In the past week, beside all this hip pain, I have been approached by two folks looking for Spiritual Direction. Spiritual Direction has not been all that sought after here in Amish Country. So, I haven't done much in direction in the past 4 four years and am feeling rather rusty.
Now, out of the blue, these two folks have appeared seeking spiritual direction. I understand it as God's way of telling me to get myself in gear, and to offer what I have been trained to do, to dust off those skills which have been languishing and re-engage them. Perhaps, I need direction as much as those coming to me do. I mean, that the benefits I receive from offering direction and the holy offerings of directees touch me deeply as well. So, God is giving me a wake-up call, "Awake, O Sleeper, Awake!"
Now, comes more time spent in prayer, that God would provide me with the wisdom and gifts needed to offer direction again. And to trust in the Mysterious and Holy Presence who is ever present and at work. May I be made worthy and able by God's own Spirit.
Wake-up! I've been asleep too long!

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