Tuesday, November 27, 2007

7 Mugs Meme as seen at St. Casserole's:

Just 7? I've a cupboard full of mugs and enjoy collecting them:

1. Mug with a picture of my Dad when he was about 2 years old on one side
and the other with a picture just a couple years before his 70th

2. Pottery mug from Moorefield Pottery (local potter) - beige and green and white
with a distinctive design.

3. Ceramic mug from Africa Cafe in Cape Town, SA - just couldn't resist it's
narrow shape and the animal print and colors on it.

4. Pottery mug - rusty red clay with primitive black images of animal, human,
snake, water from the Southwest. I like the color and the
primitive design and the handle is way cool. From a Southwest
store that is no longer in Cedarburg, WI

5. Pottery mug - beige, blue and green glaze from a 10,000 Villages store way
back when.

6. Tartan & Thistle mug - small mug of muted blue, purple burgandy with a water
color thistle on a watercolored tartan background from
Scotland which National Trust for Historic Places puts

7. Pottery mug - white with purple pink rim and handle with fireweed painted
on it in the same color with green leaves. The handle is
a rounded tube/snake shape and can't be stored upside down.
It is from (Black)Raven Pottery, in Whitehorse, Yukon.

Guess that's the 7 for today. Thanks, St. Casserole. It was fun going into the cupboard and picking out the 7 mugs!!! Now I'll be using some Christmas/winter ones for Advent and beyond.
What kind of mugs are in your cupboard? Nosey people want to know!!!!!!!

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