Monday, November 26, 2007


Thankfully the Turkey day marathon of cooking, cleaning, decluttering, and clean up are all behind me. It is a lot of work!
Still missing my computer at the office and it sure is crazy without one! Have to use the secretary's. Now her black ink has run out and I will run out to replace the cartridge so desperately needed.
I printed the letter to be sent to 11 local families about the gift cards we will be giving them to get their children some warm clothing or shoes for Christmas. We've done this every year for many years. In the last two years, the Methodist church has joined in and given us some money to help with the project. We work with the wonderful school counselor who knows the children and family situations all too well.
So, when I spoke with the counselor, she mentioned that there were 11 families with 27 children, this year: 2 families that had 5 children each. The 2 large families would get 2 $100.00 gift cards. All the others would get $100.00 gift cards.
Only problem was that our mission committee allotted $1,000.00 for the project and the Methodist gave us $200.00. Which means, if you do the math, a total $1200.00:
$400.00 to 2 families, leaving 9 families with only $800.00!!! We were short by $100.00!!!! As my brain began to whir, and my prayers went up to God, my secretary called out and asked if I received the phone message from Sunday afternoon. No, I had not. Then the good news, the secretary said, the Methodist have an extra check for $100.00 for us for the kids!!!!!!!
Wow! Sometimes God is at work long before we even know what we need. And sometimes God performs miracles in an instant. Usually, though, God works quietly and slowly.
But today, today! God had everything in hand even before I began to unravel and all was neatly tied up with an admonition, "Hush, my child. Do not be anxious for anything! Just wait on the Lord. For I will provide what is sufficient and will supply your need. Trust me. Look to me. Wait on me." Truly, a lesson this Advent season. God already knows what we need and is already at work to provide for us, whatever is sufficient. May your Advent, be a time of patient, but expectant waiting, trusting in God, and not being anxious over anything. God is already preparing all that we need.

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Mary Beth said...

Oh, glory! This is just great.