Thursday, November 08, 2007


And that's putting it mildly! A week ago, I stirred mincemeat for 3 hours almost nonstop in the church kitchen for the church's Fall Bazaar and Pancake Breakfast.
My hip was sore last Thurs. night. I proceeded to do my grocery shopping, leaning on the cart helped and sitting in the car driving from store to store helped ease the pain. I didn't sleep well. On Saturday, I got up early and drove to church to help with the pancake breakfast. Yes, I had pain. I served and bussed tables for a while. The pain got worse and radiated to the left groin. Visions of hernia and even kidney stones burst in my mind.
LH took me to the ER Sat. afternoon where I stayed until nearly 7 pm. Some blood work, a small pain shot and CATscan later, I was waiting for LH to pick up and take me home in the same amount of pain as when I went in. No, hernia or kidney stones.
I took some pain meds (which didn't help much) and barely made it through Sunday morning service. I sat during the hymns and for the children's chat. I was miserable.
Went to the Doctor on Mon. morning and we think the muscle from the back to the hip joint is totally inflamed with a hint of arthritis. Stronger pain meds needed and given! Anti-inflamatory welcomed. If this doesn't help, which it doesn't appear to be doing much good, I'll be getting a cortisone shot. The pain meds (have to take 2) keep me relatively pain free for 5 hours at a stretch, but when they wear off, it's awful. I've been sleeping on the couch for the past three nights so as not to disturb LH with any moaning.
As much as I don't want the shot, it's beginning to look more and more enticing, especially if it well really relieve the pain.
And all this, just a couple weeks before Thanksgiving when I will be cooking and standing in kitchen followed by Advent and Christmas.
It's rather uncomfortable to lay, to sit or to stand or walk for any length of time without the pain meds. I've been tired all week and have had it with the excruciating pain. Enough all ready! Looks like the shot is in my future. What a royal pain in the behind!

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