Monday, July 02, 2007

Yeehaw!! As much fun as VBS is, it sure is exhausting. Back to back to back 12 hour days with lots of energy expended in the space of two hours in the evening. I never got home before 9 pm and then had to water the garden and flower beds!
But we served 61 great and wonderful kids. Everything ran and went smoothly and well and those kids sang out with great enthusiasm.
Ahhh, but I'm glad it's over. I think I'm still tired even though it's Monday and I had my day off on Friday.
I've been blogging just over a year and someday will learn how to use the digital camera and update our computer so that it can do more. Until then, I know, it's plain and simple site. But then, I am in plain and simple country as well.
On the bluebird front, Beau was in and out of the birdhouse this morning, and when I peeked in, Belle didn't flutter out like usual. I'm thinking the eggs are hatching and Beau is helping provide food and Belle wasn't going to leave her new little ones. I put some mealworms out for them to help feed their (hopefully) growing brood.
I will be absent for the next week as we travel to another Great Lake, visit Chicago and head to the Beach in WI. Still have laundry to do and need to start packing tonight. Will leave on Thursday so that LH can march in the 4th of July parade as an SAR Color Guard, decked in his breeches, waistcoat and tricorn hat!!!
So, I'll miss checking in on folks but I plan to catch up on my reading: Nora Ephron's Neck Book (Can't ever remember the name) and Anne Lamott's new one. Can't hardly wait!!!
Have a great week and God's peace be with you all.

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Susie said...

Congrats!!! Yeah... those multiple 12 hour days for VBS are rough. But when the kids love it so much, its somehow worth it.