Monday, July 30, 2007


Due to severe weather experiences in different parts of our world, take a moment and share:

1. Have you ever experienced living through an extreme weather event ~ what was it and how did you cope?
Way back in '67, a major blizzard hit Chicago, closing down the city, closing down our town. I remember going with my Dad using the sled to walk 3 blocks to a Mom and Pop grocery store to buy bread, only they were out. We bought flour instead and my Mom made homemade bread. Took a long time to shovel our sidewalks but most folks didn't have snow throwers back then. There was so much snow, school got cancelled, yipee! And we (my sister and I) built an igloo and even made a mail box for it!!
I was young, it was a cozy time and felt safe and secure with my family.

2. How important is it that we wake up to issues such as global warming?
We should always cultivate awareness of all of creation and our surroundings.
Of course, the world has been warming since the end of the ice age. What should
we expect? Glaciers have been moving for centuries. Why all this hoopla now?
Perhaps, the earth and creation is still in process and we are the ones who
lose sight of that. How arrogant to think we are the only cause of the changing
of the earth. How much can we really do to stop the perhaps inevitable changes
our earth will undergo?

3. The Christian message needs to include stewardship of earth's resources, agree/disagree?
Surely, our stewardship is the right and good care of our lives, our time,
our families, neighbors, our resources, gifts, skills, talent and most assuredly,
the earth's resources. I try to reuse and recycle where I can. Our area doesn't
make it easy to recycle, it would be more convenient with recycle bins on
garbage day.
Just the other day, while in line at the Bull'e Eye Store, a mom ahead of me
bought her kids some candy. By the time, I checked out and walked to my car,
they were gone, but the purple wrapper from the girl's candy was laying there
on the asphalt and I started to boil. Could this mom not have said, "Here give
me the wrapper" to her child and put it in her purse or pocket til she got home?
Such a simple thing, and yet I see people throwing out their trash and litter
so often. I just don't understand. They have no respect for the environment,
for themselves, or for others. It's just so very sad.

And because it's summer and on a brighter note:

4. What is your favorite season and why?
I would guess Autumn. I like the relinquishing of the summer heat, and the
growing coolness. I like the show of beautiful fall colors. I enjoy the smell
of apples and apple ciders, crisp days, foggy evenings, and the garden being
laid to rest and no weeding required!!!

5. Describe your perfect vacation weather.
Easy enough, 70 degrees F, and sunny. What more could I want?
Actually, we are known to bring very hot weather with us every time
we are on vacation! It was 70 + F in Edinburgh the end of Sept. when we
landed. It was 103 F in Rapid City, the hottest days Dawson City, Yukon
probably had all summer long!!! Calgary, WI, IL, MI all have suffered from
heat when we have spent our vacations there - 100 + in St. Louis, not to
mention New Orleans! I have forbidden LH to vacation in the Antarctica for
fear it would spead the melting of the ice caps!!!!!!!!

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